Step 2: Find Partners

Working with partners outside your organization can strengthen your evidence-based program [definition] in many ways. The best partnerships increase the effectiveness of the work of everyone involved.

iCHPP Alumni Partners

Partners from other community-based organizations add diversity of experience and expertise. It’s important to strategically think about who you choose for partners. Organizations that are similar to yours might have experience with your health issue or target population. At the same time, those beyond the "usual suspects", whose work seems quite different from yours, might have hidden know-how that supports the goals of your program. A wide range of connections will not only help you to deliver a thoughtful program that meets the needs of your target population, but will also expand your access to resources.

Here, you will find a list of individuals who are interested in collaborating and sharing knowledge with fellow alumni of the PLANET MassCONECT iCHPP training program. While there are a large number of additional organizations engaged in health outreach in each of the five communities, this list will help you connect with others who are trained in the systematic approach to program planning presented in the trainings.

Boston Community Partners

Greater Brockton Community Partners

Lawrence Community Partners

Greater Lowell Community Partners

Worcester Community Partners

Partnership Resources

For additional resources about building partnerships, click here