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Top Menu

The items in the white menu at the top of the page are pretty self explanatory. They include a Search tool, information about the PLANET MassCONECT study, a Glossary, useful resources not included in other parts of the site, contact information for the project team, and downloadable versions of all the materials from the PLANET MassCONECT Institutes.

How do I...

Many pages include an area with a list of questions. On Step Home Pages, these questions appear on the right side of the page and are orange links. On Resource Pages, they appear on the left and are green links.

Jump Links

Below the introduction to each step you'll see the words "Select a Resource Below" then a series of orange links with blue boxes around them. These mean you won't have to scroll too much.

Click on one of these jump links to jump down the page to the category that matches the type of information you need.

To get back to the top of the page, click Back to Top.


The bold, orange links inside each blue category box will open a Resource Page.

Step 2: Find Partners

You'll notice that the tab Partners does not include categories that lead to Resource Windows. Instead, links lead to lists of:

  • Research Partners
  • Community Partners