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At the top of the PLANET MassCONECT glossary page is a list of all the letters in the alphabet.

  • Click on a blue letter to jump down the page to a list of words that begin with that letter.
  • Black letters indicate that no words begin with that letter.


There are several different kinds of links in the glossary. They are:

  • synonyms
  • related terms
  • links to outside web sites (tiny, bracketed links embedded in the text)

Synonyms that are highlighted will take you to the term preferred by PLANET MassCONECT and a full definition. A synonym that is not highlighted means you are already looking at the PLANET MassCONECT-preferred term.

Links to outside web sites always open in a new window. Don't forget to come back to PLANET MassCONECT!

A link from one word to another will jump you to the list of words that begin with that letter, but not to the specific word. This means you might have to scroll down to find the word you're looking for.

For example, the word "Baseline" lists "Post-test" as a related term.

However, when you click on the word "Post-test," you jump down the page to the beginning of the words that begin with P. Since there are so many words that begin with that letter, you have to scroll down to find "Post-test."

Back to Top

Below the list of words for a given letter, you'll see a Back to Top button. Click on it to jump back to the alphabet at the top of the page.