About Evidence-based Programs

An evidence-based program (EBP) is a health promotion or communication program that has been:

  • found to be effective,
  • implemented with a specific group, and
  • tested through formal evaluation.

Through this site, we help you choose and use EBPs that already exist, in order to create change in your community. EBPs give you many advantages. For example, they:

  • can save your organization money, because they are ready-made (you don't need to build a brand-new program),
  • often include previously developed materials, tools, and/or evaluations (so you don't have to create them yourself),
  • can make your grant applications stronger; in fact, some funders now require that all grantees use evidence-based programs, and
  • facilitate decision-making based on data and research, which can help your organization maximize the impact of limited resources.

How can a program created for another community be used in yours?

Creativity is an essential part of the EBP implementation process. We encourage you to enhance and individualize your EBP based on the unique characteristics of your community. When making program changes, it is important to constantly evaluate your EBP implementation to maintain a balance between program customization and program fidelity [definition], ensuring your program remains effective.