A Stepped Approach

A Stepped Approach to Program Planning

As presented in the Institute for Community Health Program Planning (iCHPP) training, we believe that a systematic, stepped approach to program planning will allow you to increase the likelihood of success for your health promotion efforts. For example, there are an endless array of obesity prevention programs, but the stepped process taught in the iCHPP workshop (and summarized by the funnel presented here) will help you choose and customize a program that best meets the needs and resources of your organization and target audience.

Although presented as a stepped approach, this is really an iterative process. As you go through the process of gathering and synthesizing information, you may find that you need to return to a previous step and reevaluate findings or a suggested course of action. As seen in the funnel diagram, and consistent with the continuous quality improvement approach presented in the training, evaluation must be conducted throughout the life course of program planning and execution. Only by constantly assessing progress, can you fine-tune your planning and delivery efforts and maximize your impact on health outcomes.