About Us: Community Partners

Boston Alliance for Community Health

titleThe Boston Alliance for Community Health consists of 12 Boston neighborhood Coalitions, which identify local health issues and design prevention plans to address them. The Alliance's guiding principles include commitment to partnership, inclusion of all stakeholders, reflection of the population's diversity, and focus on health promotion and prevention.


Common Pathways

altCommon Pathways, the Community Health Network Area for region 8 in Massachusetts (CHNA 8), has focused on developing a broad-based, healthy-community coalition in greater Worcester, using the principles from the nationally and internationally recognized Healthy Communities approach. It promotes voluntary efforts and embraces the idea that people must be the driving force to improve the quality of life for all in Worcester and Central Mass.


Boston REACH Coalition

altThe mission of Boston's REACH Coalition is to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities by working with the community to create a culturally competent system which promotes cancer screening, education, prevention, treatment, and access to care for the Black community in Boston. As a Center of Excellence in the Elimination of Disparities (CEED), the coalition has expanded its scope of work to address cardiovascular disease, adolescent wellness, community advocacy, public policy, and environmental health.


The Mayor’s Health Task Force

altThe Mayor’s Health Task Force in Lawrence is a broad-based collaborative of:

  • health care, and social services providers
  • environmental groups
  • academic institutions
  • local businesses
  • city planners

The Task Force works to develop healthy public policies and activities that accommodate the changing conditions of the total community, and promote improvement in the quality of life of its citizens.


The Greater Brockton Community Health Network Area

titleThe mission of the Greater Brockton CHNA is to work toward healthier communities by promoting collaboration between CHNA partners, providing support to local health initiatives and prevention programs, and educating and increasing awareness of local identified health issues throughout the communities it serves.


The Greater Lowell Health Alliance

The Greater Lowell Health Alliance of CHNA 10’s mission is to identify and address healthcare issues facing the Greater Lowell community. By raising awareness and providing resources for our communities, schools, civic and business leaders, and healthcare providers, we empower them to make decisions and take actions that will lead to an improvement in the overall health of our communities.